Regina Allen,

     I explore our rapidly changing natural world and global climate. Though my work veers into abstraction, I ground it in real imagery and expressive techniques. Aerial photographs serve as the visual springboard for my images. My paintings elucidate patterns of conflict in the terrain between people and the environment: urban and rural, developed land and wild areas, irrigated and dry, and depict the effects of natural calamities. I use contrast of color, shape, value, and brushstroke to examine these tensions.

     Though the subject is heavy, my work displays a certain lightness. The sensuousness of the thick oil paint, the subtle beauty of decorative and handmade papers, and the heavy expressiveness of the color underscore the enduring beauty of the landscape. I have apprehensions and anger about a changing environment. I feel helpless in the face of so much change and destruction, and my art becomes a repository for these fears, buoyed by a little wisp of hope like a prayer or a wish.